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Welcome to Silver Screen Videos, the sterling standard in entertainment. We provide the latest word in movie and entertainment news, reviews, and commentary, along with an extensive selection of distinctive merchandise from our friends and sponsors. I've been reviewing and analyzing movies for over thirty years and will provide you with a unique perspective on current movies and books, ongoing trends, and important issues in the film and entertainment industry. There's new content every week at Silver Screen Videos, so you'll want to check back with us often.

We've added two new sections to the Silver Screen Library corresponding to my personal interests. First, we have an Arts and Entertainment section with reviews of fiction and non-fiction books about movies, TV, and the world of entertainment. Second, we added a Classic Mysteries section dedicated to thrillers, suspense stories, and whodunits from yesteryear and today.

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Photo of Channing Tatum

Photo: Eva Rinaldi

 This week, we have reviews of Fly Me to the Moon, the period romantic comedy with Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum, and the creepy horror film, Longlegs, featuring the perfect genre pairing of Maika Monroe and Nicolas Cage. We also look at the latest entry in the hit animated series, Despicable Me 4, and the the finale of the Ti West-directed cult horror trilogy, MaXXXine, all at Silver Screen Cinema.

The Family Experiment Cover

John Marrs provides readers with a look at a dystopian future with reality TV contestants trying to raise AI-generated virtual babies in The Family Experiment. Also, Kelley Armstrong is back with the latest in her romantic suspense series about a 21st-century cop in 19th-century Scotland in Disturbing the Dead. Our new Classic Mysteries section looks at two modern-day mysteries with a Golden Age flavor, Cabaret Macabre by Tom Mead and Close to Death by Anthony Horowitz. Read our reviews of these and other new releases in the Silver Screen Library

Photo of Taraji P. Henson

Photo: Walt Disney Television

The 2024 BET Awards were a lively show, featuring the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to Usher. Taraji P. Henson got the show off to a rousing start with her performance of "It's About Us!" We've got all the highlights at the Silver Screen Report. We've also got trailers for the extreme weather action sequel, Twisters, and the bizarre Irish horror film, Oddity.  

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Longlegs Review


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